How I Get Fine Art Portraits of My Teenage Sons | Orlando Senior Portrait Photographer

Of course it's a generalization, but most teen boys aren't really into posing for portraits. So how do I get fine art portraits of my teenage sons? By photographing them doing something they love - like playing video games, for example!

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My magic words when photographing my teens, both boys and girls, are, "Just ignore me. You don't have to pose." My kids are used to seeing me with my camera out every day, and as long as they don't have to do anything, most of the time, they are OK for me to shoot photos of them. And if for some reason, they say, "No," I respect that and move on.

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When shooting fine art portraits, lighting is key. On this morning, I noticed that the TV was lighting up his face as he played video games in an otherwise dark room. At that point, I picked up my camera. I also like plain backgrounds and simple clothing with no words or logos when shooting fine art portraits. Because this was shot early on a Sunday morning, he was wearing a plain polo for church. And I quickly removed a large piece of wall art that was behind him as he sat on the sofa.

Senior Pictures Fine Art teen boy (5 of 5).jpg

I LOVE fine art portraits in high contrast black and white. Straight out of my camera, these images had all kinds of crazy colors reflecting off the TV onto his face, but that was OK, because I knew I was shooting for black and white. If you'd like to learn more about how I get this look in editing, see this tutorial I wrote on editing high contrast black and white over at Clickin Moms.

All images in this post were shot with a Canon 6D and a Canon 35mm 1.4 L lens. Black and white edit was done in Adobe Lightoom.

Simple and Fun Teen Mini Shoot | Orlando Teen and Senior Portraits

I LOVE photographing teens and high school seniors. Especially the girls. The recipe for magic is pretty simple: an outfit she loves, golden hour light, and simple backgrounds. Most teenage girls enjoy being photographed once you show them how cute they look on the back of your camera.

I shot these photos this week right outside my front door. We kept it simple and fun, and I love the images we got.

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