How to Get Variety In Your Senior Pictures | Taylor's Winter Park Photo Shoot | Orlando Senior Photographer

My favorite shoots are senior portrait shoots. I love the whole process - from planning, to actually shooting, to editing, to delivering the photos. And I get a special thrill from opening my mailbox to see a graduation announcement made from a photo I shot.

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My style is uncluttered and modern and fun. And one of my goals on every shoot is to give my senior client a gallery full of variety. 

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There are two decisions we make early in the planning process that ensure a unique gallery with a variety of images. The first decision is where to shoot. For Taylor's senior portraits, I suggested a rural location - basically a wild overgrown field - or a more urban location - downtown Winter Park, FL. Taylor chose Winter Park.

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What I love about Winter Park is there is so much variety - all within walking distance. Winter Park has lush foliage, brick streets, unique architecture, sparkling fountains, and all sorts of little nooks and crannies that the casual observer might overlook, but to a photographer -- those little spaces are gold! 

I look for backgrounds that are non-distracting, but add interesting elements - like color and texture. I also look for a variety of ways to "frame my subject." And of course, I'm looking for beautiful light in every shot.

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The second important decision that is made in the planning stages is wardrobe. Taylor and I texted back and forth about her wardrobe and in the end, she chose two outfits -- a floral romper and a simple blue dress. 

Just changing clothes once gave us variety in the images, while still leaving lots of time to shoot. If Taylor had wanted even more variety, she could have added a hat or scarf or jacket or changed up her accessories in some other way.

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I love close-ups and head shots, but for senior portraits, I try and remind myself to get some wide angle and full body shots too. So much variety can be added with posing and camera angles - all at a single location.

Once I know the location we'll be shooting at and what my senior client will be wearing, I put together a rough plan for our shoot. But on the day of our shoot, I'm always on the lookout for the unexpected. Who would have known that the ground in this spot would be covered with fallen blossoms that pretty much matched Taylor's romper? While Taylor and I shot some photos a few feet away, I asked her mom and friend to gather up as many of the blossoms as they could. They piled them on my reflector and for the shot below, they rained down flowers on Taylor as she laughed. 

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So those are my favorite ways to get a variety of images in a senior portrait gallery. It all starts with picking a great location and wardrobe. And then, it continues with decisions I make during the actual shoot. I work my plan, all the while keeping my eyes open for the unexpected and magical along the way.