It's Been a Great Week! | Orlando Senior and Fine Art Photographer

I woke up yesterday morning to an email telling me that I had been published on the CM photography blog! I submitted the article months ago, but seeing it in print was like seeing it for the first time. I think I smiled all day. Follow this link to read how shooting the same subject every day helped me grow as an artist! Warning - it's full of black kitten cuteness.

Self Portrait Orlando Artist (4 of 4).jpg

It's been a great week, overflowing with things that make my life full -- like seeing my kids grow and thrive. On Sunday morning, we moved my 18-year-old into his first dorm. I miss seeing him every day, but I'm bubbling over with pride as well. It's bittersweet.


And my younger three returned to high school. It's been great to see them reconnect with friends and settle into their classes. And now I know from experience, not to sweat the small stuff because I'm going to blink, and they'll be off to college as well.


And then, this morning, for the first time in many years, I stood before a classroom of kids and parents. This year I'm teaching photography to elementary and middle school students. I really can't think of anything better. 

Lot's of changes around here. Good changes! I can't wait to see what this school year brings.