Reaching, Stretching, and Accomplishing Goals! | Orlando Fine Art Photographer

I've been reaching a little lately. . . trying new things. . . seeking to stretch my artistic vision a bit. One thing I do when I want to bust out of a creative rut and see things in a new way is break out the Lensbaby lens. On Saturday, I walked through the garden shop at a local home improvement store. 

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Now I'm not sure if I'm really allowed to shoot at the home improvement store or not, but I just acted like I belonged, and decided beforehand that if an employee asked me to stop, I'd promptly put my camera away. But from doing street photography, I've learned that when you act like you belong there, most people assume you do belong there. A couple of teenage employees asked me if I was getting good shots, but that was it. 

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Lensbaby lenses are manual focus, so I have to really, really slow down to get good images. But it's just that slowing down that allows me to see, and think, and compose with intention. 

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I pulled out my Lensbaby again last night while I waited for my kids to finish soccer practice.

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Ordinary things can look magical. That Lensbaby blur caused the colors and light in this landscape to take center stage. 

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And then, today I crossed one of my 2018 photography goals off my list! I had a black and white editing tutorial posted on a major photography blog. If you've followed my photography at all, you know I love black and white, but what most people don't know is that it takes a lot more than just pushing a button to make a beautiful black and white image. If you'd like to read my tips and tricks for editing high contrast black and white images in Lightroom, head over to Clickin Moms to read my post. There's even a video demo where I walk you through an edit, start to finish.

Reaching, stretching, accomplishing goals. It's been a good week so far.

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