Stormy Beach Day - Impromptu Shoot

One big plus of living in Central Florida is proximity to the beach. A quick 40 minute drive, and we are feeling the sand between our toes, meaning we don't have to wait for perfect weather. We can enjoy the beach on cold, stormy days, and we mostly have it all to ourselves.

stormy beach teen portrait-6.jpg

We always, always, always take a soccer ball to the beach! Always.

stormy beach teen portrait-2.jpg
stormy beach teen portrait-1.jpg
stormy beach landscape-1.jpg

That sky. Moments after I shot this, the heavens opened and poured rain. I grabbed my camera bag, wrapped in a beach towel for extra protection, and headed for the car -- leaving my girls to gather up the beach blanket and chair and other bags. Beautiful stormy beach day.

stormy beach landscape-2.jpg

Morning Light - The Seeing Series, Part 1

The biggest gift that photography has given me is the ability to "see" in a way that I didn't see before. Now I stop and notice light and color and patterns that I previously just rushed past. This "seeing" causes me to slow down and enjoy the beauty that is all around me, and for that I am grateful.

How many years did I fail to enjoy the beautiful light that pours into my house each morning? It streams through my not-so-clean windows spilling little splashes of beauty everywhere.

Lensbaby Piano (2 of 2).jpg
Morning Light Pear (1 of 1).jpg

Growing up, I didn't consider myself to be artistic in any way. I didn't really draw. I didn't paint. I couldn't create something from nothing. I had no idea where to even start. But I was quiet and observant. I did "see" to a certain extent. That "seeing" just needed to be encouraged and stretched and developed.

I took my first photography class in 2013 and learned to shoot in manual mode. For the first time, I had command of tools that would help me create art from the things I observed. The art was mine, not because I drew or painted something that wasn't there before, but because I noticed and "saw" something from my unique point of view and created an image that allowed others to see it too.

Like that amazing morning light.

Shooting Dappled Light (1 of 1).jpg

Now I see it. I notice the dappled shadows that appear on our homeschool art cabinet for a brief time at the start of each day. 

Morning Light in My House (1 of 1).jpg

I drink steaming coffee, dark and strong, in that hazy, beautiful light.

I wouldn't be a photographer today if I'd never taken that first class and learned to use my camera. And I've worked hard ever since to master the technical parts of photography. But it takes more than technical mastery to create art.

It takes seeing.

The light in my home each morning is worth a closer look. 

Lensbaby Piano (1 of 2).jpg

Oh, and here's a link to the photography class that started me on this journey. It's the perfect way to learn how to use your fancy DSLR. 


Simple and Fun Teen Mini Shoot

I LOVE photographing teens and high school seniors. Especially the girls. The recipe for magic is pretty simple: an outfit she loves, golden hour light, and simple backgrounds. Most teenage girls enjoy being photographed once you show them how cute they look on the back of your camera.

I shot these photos this week right outside my front door. We kept it simple and fun, and I love the images we got.

Is it time to get some new photos of that beautiful teen in your life? Let's talk. You can contact me here.