Class of 2019 | Winter Park Senior Portraits

For me, there is so much to love about shooting senior portrait sessions. First of all, I get to know amazing young women like Rachel. I always walk away encouraged and excited about what lies in store for them as they graduate high school and move on to the next stage of life.


The other thing I love about photographing seniors is the images we get. Senior girls are glowing, and it’s fun to create a portrait session that captures who they really are. I’m always amazed that no two senior sessions end up looking the same.


We shot Rachel’s portraits on and around Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. And a few weeks later, we met at a local trail to get a few quick photos of her in her running gear because cross country and track have been a big part of Rachel’s high school experience.


I take a limited number of senior portrait sessions each month. Sessions include a 1-2 hour shoot at your choice of either an urban or rural location along with 30 hand edited digital images. You can find more info on my senior sessions here.

Class of 2019 | Orlando Area Senior Portrait Photographer

It’s almost graduation season! So I thought I’d share some of my favorites from a recent senior portrait session I shot on and around Park Avenue in Winter Park, Florida. I love Leah’s wardrobe choices and the variety we were able to get in her portraits just by walking around town.


Leah has the greatest expressions, so it was fun to capture her personality through all the different faces she made throughout the afternoon.


At this spot, she actually played her flute for a little while - right there on the streets of Winter Park!


Celebrating Graduation | Orlando Senior Portrait Photographer

Downtown Winter Park, Florida provided the perfect backdrop for Jana’s graduation shoot. Jana and I have worked together before, and I think it shows in the photos. She was simply stunning, and I couldn’t be happier with the final result!

Orlando-senior portrait-girl.jpg
Beautiful-Senior-girl-fine-art-portraits- Orlando.jpg

About a week later, on the actual day of Jana’s graduation, we met up with her two best friends and photographed the beginning celebrations of their graduation day!


This graduation shoot made me all nostalgic. As parents, it seems we are always marking the milestones. They smile. They sit up. They learn to walk. At first the milestones are really close together, and honestly, we're so tired that they pass in one exhausted blur. One month. . .  six months. . . 9 months. Then they begin to spread out a little. We mark the first day of school. . . then the years speed up, and in a blink we're planning a high school graduation and then maybe even a college graduation.

The world spreads out before them, and they are off to pursue their dreams.


Art Everywhere - The Seeing Series Part II | Orlando Senior Portraits

I’ll say it again. The biggest gift photography has given me is the gift of “seeing.”

It wasn’t automatic. At first, I was consumed with all the dials and settings. Trying to get the exposure right. Trying to nail the focus. My brain can only think about so many things at once.

But eventually, with hours, and weeks, and perhaps even years of practice, all that became second nature. And I began to “see” differently. I began finding art everywhere.


I noticed a shift in my senior sessions recently. After getting the “safe” portraits my clients are expecting, I’ve started to take more risks. What will it hurt if I try something crazy? It might be an epic fail. Or it might be simply EPIC.

This senior had an amazing concept for his senior portraits. He wanted to wake surf wearing a suit. We spent an afternoon on the lake shooting tons of action shots. I knew we had nailed it. As we were heading back to the dock, I “saw” that sunset. And I decided to shoot this last shot - an image with him surfing home in the shadows. In the end, it turned out to be my favorite, even though you can’t see his face in detail.


I get two questions over and over when I share this image. First of all, “Why isn’t he wet?” That even led to a few people suggesting that maybe I used Photoshop to edit him into this scene. Actually he is wet. You just can’t see it because he is in the shadows.

The second question is, “Didn’t he ruin that suit?” Probably. But he bought it at Goodwill just for our photo shoot so it’s all good.

While traveling this past summer, I shot this senior’s portraits in downtown Huntsville, AL. She was all in for both traditional and more creative shots. I love the way we were able to use the hard light and shadows to get this unique image.


Later, we placed her in this street art mural for another unique portrait.


With my own work, I’ve been experimenting a lot. Sometimes “seeing” involves seeing what could be more than just seeing what is already there. I’ve been working on a series shot through rainy windows. Often these do involve combining more than one image. I see it in my mind first, and then I shoot the images to create my vision.


Art. . . Creativity. . . Seeing. This fall, I’m pondering these ideas as I teach photography at a local private school. My students are 4th-8th graders. And they are amazing. Creative and fearless. We talk a lot about “seeing like a photographer.” And they get it. They see light and shadows and reflections. They experiment with unusual angles. They are true artists in every sense of the word.

To read Part I of “The Seeing Series,” click here.


It's Been a Great Week! | Orlando Senior and Fine Art Photographer

I woke up yesterday morning to an email telling me that I had been published on the CM photography blog! I submitted the article months ago, but seeing it in print was like seeing it for the first time. I think I smiled all day. Follow this link to read how shooting the same subject every day helped me grow as an artist! Warning - it's full of black kitten cuteness.

Self Portrait Orlando Artist (4 of 4).jpg

It's been a great week, overflowing with things that make my life full -- like seeing my kids grow and thrive. On Sunday morning, we moved my 18-year-old into his first dorm. I miss seeing him every day, but I'm bubbling over with pride as well. It's bittersweet.


And my younger three returned to high school. It's been great to see them reconnect with friends and settle into their classes. And now I know from experience, not to sweat the small stuff because I'm going to blink, and they'll be off to college as well.


And then, this morning, for the first time in many years, I stood before a classroom of kids and parents. This year I'm teaching photography to elementary and middle school students. I really can't think of anything better. 

Lot's of changes around here. Good changes! I can't wait to see what this school year brings.

Summer Art | Orlando Fine Art Photographer

I've spent the first part of this summer mainly shooting for myself. I've played with my specialty lenses and embraced bold color. Here are a few of my favorites. The last landscape is an older work that I re-edited this week.

Even the Tools are Beautiful

Even the Tools are Beautiful

Purple Daisy

Purple Daisy

Preppy Pink and Green for Summer

Preppy Pink and Green for Summer

Summer Gown with Flowing Skirt

Summer Gown with Flowing Skirt

Daisy with a Little Curl

Daisy with a Little Curl

It's a Daisy Quartet

It's a Daisy Quartet

Still Waters Run Deep

Still Waters Run Deep